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Following what was agreed at the last meeting held in Leicester on 27th of May 2018 regarding the nomination of sub-committees in some regions, the Management Committee of Diu Vanza Darji Samaj UK hereby comes with an intention to form them by adding new members with complementary skills and experiences.

Diu Vanza Darji Samaj UK invites and requests nomination of individuals for appointment to the sub-committee in each major areas such as Leicester, Bristol and Cheltenham. Diu Vanza Darji Samaj UK will consider nominations received in response to this notice for appointment to the sub-committees.

It is a good time for you to consider whether you would like to have a role to play in the essential; interesting and rewarding work that our committee carries out.

Should you be interested, please fill out the nomination form on this page. We would encourage you to use your right to nominate yourself for one of the positions of the sub-committee, namely Director, Secretary, Assistant Secretary,Treasurer, Advisor, Vice Advisor and Volunteer.

Please forward your nominations to us by no later than Friday, the 14th of December 2018.

Sub-Committees will be a part of the current Management Committee.

Objectives of the Sub-Committees

The objectives of the sub-committees will be the same as outlined for the Management Committee.

Functions of the Sub-Committees

The sub-committees will have the legitimacy to represent the DVDSUK in our community in their regions in agreement with the decisions taken by the whole Management Committee.

Nomination Form

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