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Diu is a town where there is a temple standing among every ten houses. There are more than 175 temples in Diu, both ancient and modern, some with exquisite designs preserved for centuries. Most temples look like normal buildings from the outside; fewer dome-shaped temples exist. The idols here are found underground.

Series of articles in Gujarati about Temples of Diu will be found here periodically. We start off with the Kalingani Mata Temple situated 9 kilometres from Diu on the northern side of Bucharvada. A visit to this sacred place fills you with devotion and love for the Almighty. Click on link below to download.

PDF: Kalingani Mataji TempleAdded: 1st February 2019

PDF: Jagadish TempleAdded: 10th March 2019

PDF: Somnath Temple | Video: Somnath TempleAdded: 6th April 2019

PDF: Mahalakshmi TempleAdded: 13th May 2019

PDF: Jalandhar TempleAdded: 14th June 2019

PDF: Sitaram Temple | Video: Sitaram TempleAdded: 28th July 2019