Photo of Hasmuklal Mulchande

Dear readers,

It is with deep regret that we announce the posthumous release of Dr. Hasmuklal Mulchande's biography.

Despite our efforts, he passed away before the completion of this Portuguese-to-English translated version. We share this work in his memory, hoping it serves as a tribute to his remarkable life.

Mr. Paresh Amarchande, the former president of Diu Vanza Darji Samaj UK, requested Dr. Hasmuklal Mulchande to pen his biography.

Diya Dipac undertook the task of translating this biography from Portuguese to English.

The biography is available for download as PDF, in both Português and English:

Click to download: English / Português

Dipac Canacsinh

On behalf of the Management Committee Diu Vanza Darji Samaj UK